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The Fallen Fruit Under the Paradise

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The greatest nobleman of Rechem.


The employer whom her mother serves.


The first seed of misfortune to fall into her life.


All these phrases referred to one man.

Ulrich Altahart.


Lisbell, trapped in the paradise created by this beautiful and arrogant man.


Gradually, she loses her way and cannot avoid her fall….




In the picturesque city of Marnia, Lisbell Osborne, on the verge of marrying her fiancé, reluctantly finds herself drawn to Ulrich Altahart, scion of the prestigious Altahart family. Their initial encounter is marked by Lisbell’s unease and Ulrich’s enigmatic charm.


“Nice to meet you. I am Ulrich Altahart,” Ulrich’s voice resonated with a captivating allure.


“P-pleased to meet you. I am Lisbell Osborne,” Lisbell stammered, unable to tear her gaze away from his mesmerizing presence.


As Lisbell grapples with conflicting emotions, her world is upended when her mother faces accusations of theft, forcing her back to Marnia and into Ulrich’s orbit once more. Faced with the daunting task of seeking Ulrich’s assistance, Lisbell confronts him with trepidation:


“You asked for leniency, right? Then come to the room next to the study. I’m curious to see if your staunch devotion can really handle it,” Ulrich’s words hung heavy in the air, tinged with a hint of challenge.


“What do you mean… that place is…” Lisbell’s voice faltered, her mind racing with uncertainty.


Trapped in a delicate dance of attraction and obligation, Lisbell grapples with Ulrich’s demands and her own moral compass. Amidst the idyllic backdrop of Marnia, she finds herself ensnared in a tumultuous relationship with Ulrich, where every choice she makes threatens to plunge her deeper into despair. Will Lisbell find the strength to break free from Ulrich’s hold before it’s too late?


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