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The Little Daughter-In-Law Is Doing Everything!

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“Who brought this scruffy child here, and for what purpose?”

Under Ricardo’s intimidating gaze, I couldn’t help but shed a tear. It wasn’t out of fear, but rather joy at seeing him alive again.

My name is Iris Swan.

I have returned to my ten-year-old self to protect my loved ones.


To save Uncle Ricardo, who died under mysterious circumstances,
To save his wife, who died long ago from an illness,
And to save his son, who will face danger in the future, I must stay by their side.

So, what’s the quickest way?

“If I cure the Duchess’s illness, then please take me as your daughter-in-law, Duke!”


“I’ll do my best from now on, Father.”

Let’s start by becoming Uncle Ricardo’s daughter-in-law!


Since it has come to this, I also want to improve the relationship between Ricardo and his son, Cillian, which was bad in my past life.

Because in this life, I hope Ricardo and Cillian will be happy.

“Iris Swan, I don’t trust you.”

“I like you, my lord. I want to get closer to you.”

Despite Cillian’s wariness and harsh words, I held on, believing that someday he would understand my sincerity.

“Would it seem too petty if I said I was jealous?”

“In the future, the only person who can call me Lian will be you, Rishi.”


It seems we’ve gotten a little too close…

#TimeTravel #FamilyHealing #Childcare #CuteHeroine #CapableHeroine #GrumpyToFoxHero #HealingStory #MutualSalvation
#SwordMaster, loved by the Great Sorcerer


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