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The Lunatic Is Obsessed With Me(R-15)

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“Louis, trust me. Let’s escape together.”

“Yes, Juliana.”

Betrayed by her trusted fiance and a close friend. Louis, who spent the night with her, clenched her hand with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Louis, I’ll take responsibility!”

She thought she’d protect this fragile man… but what’s this?

Turns out he was the Empire’s lunatic!!

* * *

“Do you expect me to stay still when other men are drooling over what’s mine?” Louis looked straight at her and smiled beautifully, “Sweet, even your tears are so sweet… I’m not going crazy, am I?”

His low-pitched voice and intense gaze bound her with an unbroken possessive desire.

Can she get away from this crazy man?


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