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The Maid Makes Cocktails Well

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The spirit of a bloodthirsty gale possesses a maid in the imperial palace. Trusting solely in her dazzling beauty, she becomes entangled in the romance between the emperor and the female lead, a role that often ends in losing one’s life.


“The emperor? What’s so important about him anyway?”


As she tries to rid herself of obsession with the emperor, the true value of being a palace maid becomes apparent: a stable job with a decent salary, regular vacations, and even status protection provided by the palace. It seemed like the perfect job, didn’t it?


Despite her past hobby of making cocktails and enjoying a leisurely life, she found herself drawn into palace affairs.


“Eugenie, what is this delicious drink?” The young prince gazed at her with sparkling eyes.


“I want to serve this drink at the palace party, what do you think?” The stern head maid persuaded her with a serious expression!


And then,


“I’m relieved that you’re by Noah’s side.”


Even the cold-hearted Emperor seemed to soften slightly!


…Could her life in this novel be transformed into a healing genre with this turn of events?


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