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The Meeting at the Window of the Southern Tower

  • Rank( ) 66, with 994 Views
  • Author Top Yuri / こまの柚里
  • Translator Akasata
  • Editor N/A
  • Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance
  • Type Japanese Translated Novel
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Ethel, the youngest princess of Lentoria, found herself in love with a young swordsman who saved her castle from a demon attack. However, the young swordsman had a secret that he had to hide.


Ethel tried to get closer to him, but the secret was revealed when he fought with demons.


Everyone thought the young swordsman died when he fell into the river at the end of the battle, but a few days later, there was information that he might be living on a hill in the downstream land.


Princess Ethel escaped from the castle with the desire to meet him. She climbed the hill with the help of a boy who guided her, but the truth she met was …


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