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The Melancholy Of A Clown

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The life of the court’s jester is arduous.

Every day, matching the palate of fallen nobles,

And becoming the object of the King’s venting

Now, I walk on a tightrope between the two Princesses.


The First Princess, eternally my Lord.

And the Second Princess, still too young and innocent. 


“I have never, in my life, imagined that I wouldn’t be King.

I can’t forgive you for blocking my path forward right now.”


But that child is barely ten, isn’t she? 


“It is an undeniable fact that I’m a political enemy that threatens the throne.”


Jesters are supposed to protect the innocence of children, always.


“I swear to God, the child’s existence will surely be erased.”



The allegiance dedicate to you has the scent of blood. 


But the moon that I had gazed with you,

How could it have been so beautiful?


Two Princesses,

And one throne.


Is this story a comedy or a tragedy?


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