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The Regressed Maid Becomes A Prima Donna

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“I don’t love you anymore.”


In the past, while working as a maid, I fell in love with the Lord’s son, but what she got in return was a betrayal. 


After he abandoned me and left for the capital, I married a peasant in the village and died of illness while living a trivial life.


When I closed my eyes and opened them with deep regret, I was back 10 years ago.


“Amber, I’m sorry. My father knows our relationship. I can’t take you to the capital.”


In order not to repeat the same mistake, I did not refuse to part ways this time.


“Then it can’t be helped. Goodbye.”


I’m leaving to live my life.


This is the story of Amber Arcas, who left her hometown and met Gilbert Klein, the owner of the capital’s largest and most beautiful theatre, and was reborn as a singer.


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