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The Reincarnation Privilege Is So Great! R19

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After she died saving people, she was reincarnated in a strange world.


However, her newly acquired lifespan was limited. 


If you don’t become a saviour and protect people, your soul will perish!


I was doing my best in a world where I didn’t know if it was a disaster, a love story, or a waste.


“Master, please… Do not abandon me.”


The holy silver-haired handsome man who shed tears at the mere words I said earlier.


“You really do everything. Make sure to brush your teeth and go to bed after you eat.”


A wild, exposed handsome man, who always listened to requests made in a strange way. Even though his nagging didn’t stop there.


“It is not uncommon for a powerful person to have concubines. The master has concubines already, so now all you have to do is hold onto that power.”


A handsome black-haired man who was affectionate and considerate, but looked out of focus.


“You swore on the day you first set foot here.”


I thought he was the craziest person in the world, but even a pure-hearted handsome blond man clung to me.


They say that this life was destined to save everyone and die as a victim…


If I die, will these guys stay put?



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