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The Second Miss No Longer Has The Will To Live

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First Life: 

There is no Second Miss in the Ke family!


Second Life: 

Father Ke: A-Wen, these are the company shares that Dad has set aside for you.

Mother Ke: A-Wen, this is the princess room that Mom has specially decorated for you.

Older Brother: A-Wen, this is the house and car that Gege bought for you.

Younger Brother: Jie, this is the evening gown I specially designed for you. 

Younger Sister: Jie, when I succeed, I will take care of you!


The Second Miss of the Ke family crossed her hands and said, “Forget it! I don’t want to inherit this overwhelming wealth!”


Full title: The Entire Family Has Reincarnated, The Second Miss No Longer Has The Will To Live


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