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The Sickly Grand Duke is Obsessed with Me

  • Rank( ) 37, with 55037 Views
  • Author 하늘여우별
  • Translator Alyalia
  • Editor WrathofPoseidon
  • Genre(s) Korean
  • Type Korean Translated Novel
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After leaving her painful life behind, Elusiana possessed the body of a noble lady. In front of her, a poor boy who reminded her of her past fell!


Elusiana nursed Astein, the poor and suspicious boy, and took good care of him.


“You can stay here if you want. I’ll take responsibility for you.”

“…take responsibility? For me?”


However, when the family of Elusiana was on the verge of bankruptcy, Astein, who she had taken care of with all her heart, suddenly disappeared. Why then would the sickly grand duke appear next to the heartbroken Elusiana?


“My name is… Aster Miriam Sestein. Cough, cough!”

“You don’t have to tell me. First, catch your breath.”

“Thank you, for helping me. You… I… urgh.”


His face, his way of speaking, wasn’t the Astein she used to know.


Why does he feel so familiar?


Grand Duke Sestein looked at the confused Elusiana with a mysterious smile…


“My Lusi is still the same. Still beautiful and undoubtedly sweet.”


Then why is he coming here?


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