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The Thorn Below the Claw

  • Rank( ) 132, with 858 Views
  • Author 에이비
  • Translator Skye
  • Editor Kris
  • Genre(s) Korean, Romance
  • Type Korean Novel
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“You are my only disciple.”


Simply because she was a princess of Aousis, Ana Rosa was sold into a political marriage at the age of 12 to the old emperor of the rival empire.


Though everyone pitied her, neither her mother nor anyone else came to her rescue.


Seeing Ana Rosa trembling but standing firm against the emperor’s imposing presence, the emperor decided to raise her not as a wife, but as his only disciple.


Their relationship was more like that of a master and disciple than a married couple, more affectionate than even blood-related parent and child.


Knowing the end would come someday, Ana Rosa had been avoiding the inevitable, but the emperor’s death loomed closer, spurred by the crown prince’s desire for the throne.


When it was revealed that the poison that killed the emperor came from Aousis, Ana Rosa was accused of regicide.


In his final moments, the emperor sent Ana Rosa back to her homeland, leaving her with his last words.


“Go and reclaim what you left behind. Assert yourself and, if necessary, conquer. Remember, you are my only disciple.”


Arriving safely in Aousis thanks to the arrangements of her father-like mentor and mother-like concubines, Ana Rosa chose not a life of compliance but a new way of living.


She didn’t need a family here. What she sought was bloody vengeance.


“Everyone will drown in the blood shed by my family.”


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