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The Time-Limited Villainess Goes On A Journey

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“Welcome aboard; this is the Ramier Express.”


“I want to go on a train trip…”


I found myself possessing the body of Irene, a villainess who had been given a terminal diagnosis.


It’s so unfair to have a second terminal diagnosis! But there was nothing I could change now.


To fulfil my unachieved dreams, I boarded the Ramier Express, which crosses the continent in a month.


“So, you are Lady Hartmann. A noble person like you saved my brother.”

“Why are you on this train?”


Why are all the male leads starting to board this train?

Not only are all four male leads on the train, but they are also showing interest in me.


“I have decided to join the trip as well, Lady Hartmann.”


…No, I was planning to travel alone, though?


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