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The Tragedy of The Villainess (Completed)

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Seria, the socialite, had changed.


Seria Stern, the evil woman who made everyone tremble with fear, had gone quiet.


She had not really changed, but was a different person.


The moment she realised that she was possessed by the Seria of a romance novel. She intuited her future and decided to live in seclusion.


She kidnapped and bullied the heroine of the original story, but ended up being decapitated by the second male lead, Kalis.


To avoid just that, she sorted out her bad relationship with Kalis and even fixed his arm.


Because of that, she got engaged to him, so everyone’s ending worked out.


Finally, the original heroine appeared, and the male lead, Lesche, had to make it work with her…


“I’ve been waiting all my life to escort her. So…”


Lesche cut off his words without hesitation.


“Lady Seria, it’s better if you choose. Who will you go to be with?”


Something was wrong.


Wasn’t the original story perfectly arranged?



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