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The Tyrant Covets The Slave -R19

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She ran away in search of freedom. 


She was sold to a slave trader and was always looking for an opportunity to escape, but she was caught by an unexpected man. 


“Raise your head.”


A tone that seemed to measure things.


“How old are you?”


He bought her without hesitation.




“You’re not going to run away, are you?”




He saw through her thoughts. In front of him, she had to be careful even with her thoughts. She thought she could hide her facial expressions well, but that didn’t work with this man. 


“I’m sorry, but you’ll never leave my hands. Don’t be fooled into thinking that I bought you with a huge sum of money for nothing. When I get my hands on something, I never let it go.” 


 She thought of running away, but he made an unexpected offer.


“Become the Grand Duchess.” 


Her heart skipped a beat at his suggestion.


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