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The Villainess Is Worshipped By The Mafia?

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Blanche reincarnated with the memories of her past life.


She gets away from her family, who treats suicide attempts as foolishness, and runs away to the city of crime. The goal is to become Ricardo’s right-hand man, the one who will turn into a villain.


But come to think of it, are you eating all by yourself? Besides, the villain Ricardo is acting strange.


“Blanche… Please don’t hate me. I can’t live if you hate me. Even now, I can’t breathe properly…” Ricardo whispered in her ear, crying.


* This is a story where the world’s strongest villains are all on the female lead’s side. And the story of a man struggling to win the favor of the female lead. Also, the story of the heroine choosing her real ‘family’.


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