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The Villainess Only Loves The Tyrant’s Child

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“The Emperor chose you precisely for your power. You’re a fool.” 


She loved him and was willing to help him, eventually she sat next to him when he became Emperor. 


She didn’t care if everyone mocked her as an evil woman who was all about scheming. 


He was the only man she loved. And she dreamed of a happy life with their baby.


But after being killed along with her baby by the man she loved with everything she had, she returned to the moment of choice two years before. 


The man who loved her, and the man she loved. 


If only she had held the hand of the man who loved her all his life…Would it change anything? 


“Use me, even for revenge. As much as you want. But I also need your false love to immerse myself in this play.”


“Your Majesty, I am indebted to you.” 


“Can you even pretend to love me…..?” 


His own proposal, even though he knew very well that it would be poisonous for him.


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