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To You Who Forgot Me

  • Rank( ) 19, with 85135 Views
  • Author 포도마루
  • Translator Skye
  • Editor Kris
  • Genre(s) Korean, Romance
  • Type Korean
  • Tags ,

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“Don’t cry, Leah. I will definitely come back alive.”

Caius Enoch Hercesia.

He was Leah’s longtime lover and saviour.

The man protected Leah with unconditional kindness, who was a hostage of the Kingdom and hated by the people of the Empire.

“When I come back, let’s get married.”

The reason she was able to wait for him to leave the long war was because of the sincere promise he had left behind.

However, he returned after a three-year-long war…

“I am engaged to this woman, you mean?”

A dry voice she had never heard before. Eyes that are cold to the point of being cold.

The Caius in front of her was not the sweet lover Leah remembered.

“I don’t know what kind of crazy situation this is.”

He was a strange man who completely forgot the time they loved, the promises they made, and the woman named Leah.

Note: From the same author as ‘I Will Disappear, Grand Duke’


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