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Today’s beast who doesn’t remember yesterday -R15

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  • Author 이프노스
  • Translator Munchkin
  • Editor N/A
  • Genre(s) Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
  • Type Korean translated novel
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I killed my husband.


By the time I learned the truth, it was too late.


In the end, I made the extreme choice to stab myself in the heart and die. That’s how I thought I ended up, full of regret.


When I woke up, I was back to the day after my wedding three years ago, when everything started. I vowed to protect my husband at the opportunity given to me again, but he asked, “I married you?”


Strangely enough, he did not remember me. He remembered everything but couldn’t remember me.


 How can I protect this man who only remembered me for a day?




Before you loved me, you had to be calm. For some reason, those fierce golden eyes looked at me as if they were about to devour me.


“Listen to me, Lily,”

Edlade said, lifting my chin gently.


“The day you met me, I asked you not to meet me again.”


“Because you were crying like hell, and it hurt.”


“Why… Why did it hurt?”


As if to plunge my heart into an abyss, Edlade spat out the sweetest words of hell.


“Because yesterday’s me and today’s me, both seem to love you.”


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