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Welcome to Rose Mansion

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“Welcome to Rose Mansion.


This letter has been written to help you lead a safe and peaceful life in this mansion for the next year. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules as thoroughly and quickly as possible, and prioritize compliance in any situation.


Be aware that you will be solely responsible for any consequences resulting from breaking these rules.”




Her life crashed in a single moment after her father’s death.


She endured it tenaciously. Even in the midst of her mother’s extravagance and the overwhelming debt.


“Haa… are you telling me I’ll be sold off to a man older than Mother?”


However, with a single word from her mother, everything collapsed.


To her, an offer came from the prestigious Otis family, the wealthiest and noblest, to be the family tutor. She couldn’t refuse.


“Welcome to the most fragrant tomb in the world, Miss Rachel Howard. Let us become happy corpses together.”


A mansion covered in roses. The dazzlingly beautiful Otis family.


Strange incidents were slowly making their way into her head.


Now was the time to pay the price of her choice.




“Sincerely wishing you a safe and enjoyable year ahead. Let’s have some fun.


Best regards.”




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