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What She Left Behind

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From the daughter of a country shoemaker to the daughter of a baroness, and then the wife of the Earl Hunted, part of a noble family in Glenford. Caroline experienced two significant rises in social status, making her the kingdom’s Cinderella.


However, noble life was not as beautiful as she had imagined. As she grew weary of her husband’s indifference and the disregard of those around her, death’s signals came to her suddenly and unexpectedly.


“I want to live the rest of my time happily.”


She shed tears over her miserable fate only briefly. Caroline decided to spend the one year she had left in happiness. To do so, she made the choice to leave her frighteningly cold husband.


She thought there was no way that arrogant and busy man would come looking for her. She believed he wouldn’t even bat an eye if she died. She was sure of it.


“I’m sorry for letting you suffer alone, Caroline.”


“So please, don’t die.”


Why was he making her want to live now, of all times?


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