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When The Cruel Villain Seduces Me

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“If Nelia isn’t here, I would change again.”


Nelia didn’t expect it.

I would be entangled with Duke Hart, the cruel villain of this world, the most beautiful man in the empire.


But…… He was so different from what others thought of him.


“The dessert is for Nelia.”

“I prepared the best bed for you.”


Is this person really the villain of the original story?

He’s too kind to become something like that.

Sometimes, it feels like I’m raising him.


And to make things worse, I came to learn about his mortal secret……


Ah… What should I do, then?




Nelia asked Duke Hart.


“What if I say I like another man?”

“I will have to get rid of him.”

“How do you get rid of him?”

“That’s a secret.”


Although the beautiful smile still remained on his face, his eyes became a bit sharper than before.


“Even if Nelia doesn’t take a liking toward me, I have no other choice than this. Therefore, I will try my best to make you like me.”


The cool touch brushed against Nelia’s cheek.


“However…… Do not presume that you like other men. It hurts a bit even if you are just saying it.”


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