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Who Stole The Empress (R15) (Completed)

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“You have no idea how repulsed I was every time I saw you limping.”


….These wounds had made her look disgusting. 


It was for this reason that the emperor abandoned the empress in the heavy snow. 


Along with the sword that was stained with the blood of her family and friends. 





Endless snow. 


Left alone in a world that was blindingly white, Roselyn was willing to accept death.  


There was no reason for her to live. She had no family, no friends, and no desires left. 


She laid down her cold, freezing body on the white snow and gazed at the black sky.  


The bitter cold soon thawed. It was then that she realized that freezing to death wasn’t so bad after all.  


“You were banished to death, but you’re still lying here in this snow, as if you’re going to rule over it.”  


This man.  


“Your life….if you’re throwing it away, I’ll be more than happy to pick you up and take you away.”  



Tamon Krasis, the enemy general. 


“You are mine now, Empress.”


She was abandoned. He stole her and ran away.



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