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Why is the Affection Decreasing After Successfully Conquering?

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In the current era of nationwide immersion, I found myself engrossed in the Reverse Harem Game. It was great conquering the Reverse Harem and ending with four simultaneous captures, but…


“Isn’t my existence enough for you to rely on, Master?”


[Hexion’s affection has decreased!]


“If I’m not to your liking, please kill me and take a new Cedric as your companion.”


[Until the next bomb: D-3]


“You said you liked me. Then, there’s no need for someone else, right?”


[Remaining time 23:59:59. Death upon failure (unavoidable)]


“When the remaining three turn against you, it would be wise to think about who can protect you.”


[Upon acceptance, Cedric, Hexion, and Marvis’s conquests will be cancelled.]


Why does my affection keep dropping, and bombs keep appearing, even though they claim to love me? This frustrating game said it was over!


Let’s all just enjoy the harem life peacefully, please!


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