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Wicked Husband – R19

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Cesare Traon Karl Erzet, the Imperial Commander-in-Chief.

After three years of service in the war, he returned to propose to Eileen.

Eileen struggled to believe that Cesare’s marriage proposal was sincere.

After all, from the moment they met when she was ten,

The affectionate man had always treated her like a child.


“I don’t—I don’t want to marry Your Highness.”


For so long, her love for him was unrequited.

She did not wish for their marriage to be a transaction.


Was it because of the long war?


The man, who was normally cool and rational, had changed.

His impulsive actions, his unbridled desire for her—they were all too unfamiliar.


“This should only be done with someone you love!”


“You can also do it with the person you plan to marry.”


Eileen was intrigued by this change.


And yet, the closer she became with Cesare…

She discovered things that defied reason or logic.


Eileen learned about her husband’s many evil deeds not long after.


“I couldn’t even have your body, Eileen.”


Everything he did was for her.


He became the villain, only for his Eileen.


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