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You’ll Regret It

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Abandoned by her family, Yuri lived in a temple. 


One day, the darkness spoke to her.


“Baby. I don’t hate you. I just want to give you a chance.”


“ A…..chance.”


“Yes. You’ll be married to the frontiersman soon. If you can get him to promise, you will win. I’ll listen to whatever you want.”




“But if you can’t, you’ll have to give me everything.”


 How long had it been since she had accepted the bet? Yuri fell in love with the northern man.


 “If I, I…….looked a little more like that woman. Would you have loved me…?”


“No, I swear. Even if I died, I wouldn’t love you.”


 “Eddie….I, I.”


 “You’re not my mother.”


 She eventually surrendered to the darkness on the day she was abandoned once again by the people she loved. Yuri closed her eyes as the curse took everything from her. And when she woke up, 


“I’ve been waiting for you, for years. I missed you.” (Husband)


 “Mother. I’ve never regretted saying that word.”  (Child)


“Yuri, if you agree. I want you to come back to the Duchy.” (Father)


‘Why are you saying that now? If I were then, I would have forgiven you. And I could have been happy saying thank you.’


Tears came out. 


‘It’s too late to apologize. I am no longer the person I was then.’


Warning : This is a very very sad, angsty novel. You’ll cry, get angry, curse and yell. I guarantee it. So read it at your own risk.


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