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Your Eternal Lies

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Rosen Walker was jailed for murdering her husband at the age of 17.

Having crushed the pride of the Imperial Army with two jailbreaks, she is captured again a year later and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

On a boat going to Monte Island, where only the vilest prisoners were gathered, another jailbreak is planned…

“What is your crime?”

“… I’m innocent.”

“Only a handful of prisoners would honestly admit that they have committed a crime.”

Ian Kerner, a blunt and upright ideologist, who is in charge of her deportation, doesn’t give any leeway.

“Don’t say anything useless, just answer what you are asked.”

Rosen, the Empire’s best jailbreaker,

and Ian Kerner, a young war hero who is loved by the entire empire.

Their story unfolds on the ship heading to the worst prison on earth!

Now, you shall be the judge. Is Rosen Walker a liar? Or is she not?


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