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Your Outrage – R19

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  • Author 남망사 저
  • Translator Alice
  • Editor N/A
  • Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Korean, Romance
  • Type Korean
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Velares, the kingdom known as Eternal Spring. 


The arrogant King of Velares mocked the benevolent envoys sent by the Inakos Alliance, calling them barbarians and slaughtering them, all of which resulted in the start of a long war. 


In order to continue on with the war, the King of Velares sold off his princesses to the barbarian chieftains of Razan like they were mere commodities. 

All of the princesses sent to Razan’s land died tragic deaths.

And at last, it was Velares’ 9th princess, Daphne’s turn. 


At that time, she thought she couldn’t escape the fate of marrying a man who had beat his wife to death. 


“Who am I?”


Daphne snuck out of the castle and unexpectedly ran into the enemy commander, General Johannes Tenen. 


“… Johannes Tenen.”

“D*mn. So you do know who I am…”


The young man who was known as the “blood murderer” actually ended up being gentle. 

Daphne immediately fell for him and started sneaking out of the castle every night just to see him one more time before he had to leave for the battlefields.

Just that much was enough. She didn’t intend to ask for more.

Even that much seemed excessive already.




The whole world was burning brightly.

Overwhelmed by the scene happening outside the castle, Daphne bursted into tears.

He wiped away her tears with his hand, before gripping her cheeks roughly.


“Don’t cry. This is because of you.”
“Johanness, I…”

“Princess of Velares. From now on, you will end up far more unhappy than you ever thought.”


Daphne couldn’t understand what went wrong, or where things started to go awry.


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